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New Stock Arriving next week!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently, more pure copper bowls are being delivered next week. I aim to have new stock up on the site on Thursday 4th April 2024.

So there is still time to include them if you are aiming to place an order by the pre-conference deadline of Sunday 7th April 2024 "for collection at the Guild of Enamellers Conference".

I am offering to bring orders in person for anyone attending the GOE Conference this year as I will be coming as a punter. So you can save on the postage and packing by choosing the "pick up at conference" option from the drop down menu for "shipping" when you are about to purchase them.

My restock includes popular shapes which have been out of stock (or low in stock):

  • Bowl no: 2

  • Bowl no: 3 (small upturned bell)

  • Bowl no: 7 (small goblet)

  • Bowl no: 15 (medium goblet)

  • Bowl no: 16

  • Bowl no: 20

  • Bowl no: 21B (taller beaker shape)

  • Bowl no: 21C (shorter beaker shape)

I will be placing another order shortly, hopefully to include the following:

  • Bowl no: 22 (small curved / low with a wider base) H: 35mm, Diameter: 88mm. This is currently out of stock, and may be a good one for smaller kilns (but please always check the height and width of your kiln chamber before placing an order!)

  • Bowl no: 14A, small almost flat dish (5 inches diameter)

  • Bowl no: 14C, larger almost flat dish (3.5inches diameter)

  • Bowl no: 5, Small bowl with curved lip (low stock levels)

  • Bowl no: 4B, Small curved dish (low stock levels)

  • Bowl no: 11, Large flat conical dish (low stock levels)

  • Any others you are waiting for? Please let me know!

Thank you for your support and custom over the past month and for your patience as I pick up the reins from Pat and continue forwards with her bowl supplies.

She sends you her best regards!

Here's a picture of bowl no: 22 - I'm looking forward to enamelling these soon myself!

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