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Up, up and away......the price of copper!

Updated: Apr 16

Since setting up this new website, I have had enquiries from all over the world, which is encouraging, but I have also had some enamellers questioning why prices are higher?

The long and the short of this is that the price of copper has risen exponentially since orders were last placed for many of the bowls in this range along with higher production costs. According to commodity markets, the cost of pure copper is projected to rise further in 2024 - 2025. The prices at which I can sell these bowls has had to rise accordingly.

I have to run this as a business where my books balance, whilst doing my best to maintain as much choice as possible for you the enamellers to use. There are increased production costs in having bowls spun as well as the need for significant and costly reinvestment in replacement bowl forms for use by the spinners. I want to keep as wide a choice of bowl supplies available to you, as well as introducing new shapes when I can. This investment is is a necessary step in doing so.

I write this to explain the reality of the financial backdrop against which I am working to carry the copper bowls supplies forwards. I hope this helps to clarify things. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you. Eleanor

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