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How to stay updated when bowls are back in stock!

More of our lovely pure copper bowl shapes are on order and will be listed on line as soon as they arrive. This includes a variety of smaller and flatter dishes and more of our favourites from Pat Johnson's range.

There will be bowls suitable for enamellers who have a kiln with a smaller chamber as well as elegant straight beakers for those with a larger one (such as a Paragon SC2 for instance). This particular kiln is a favourite model of mine and one I often use when teaching my "Enamelling for Beginners" or my "Enamelling on Copper bowls" day courses at Rainbow Glass Studios in Stoke Newington London. If you'd like to learn with me in person, I'd be delighted to teach you how! Please see my courses in enamelling (and fused glass) via this page on my sister website: The Jewellery Boat

Just so you know, the following bowls are currently on order:

  • PJB3 (upturned bell)

  • PJB4B (small rounded bowl)

  • PJB5 (small lipped bowl)

  • PJB9 (flat dish with base)

  • PJB11 (wide outward curved dish)

  • PJB14A (larger flat dish)

  • PJB14C (small flat dish)

  • And more......!

If a bowl is out of stock, here's how to be automatically notified when it is back in stock:

  • Go to the web page listing for the bowl number that is "out of stock"

  • Click on the "notify when available" box

  • The page below will appear:

  • Enter your email address and you will be updated when it is back in stock!

  • Simples!

If you have any questions for me, please be in touch via the contact page and I will do my very best to help! Thank you, Eleanor.

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