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International postage options added to

Updated: Mar 26

Because I have been receiving enquiries from so many EU countries about my pure copper bowls for enamelling, I am writing to let you know I have added new postage options for deliveries to the EU in Zones 1,2 and 3 so you can now order from outside the UK.

Please note the following will apply for overseas orders:

  • Postage rates are for "up to 1kg" or "up to 2kg" parcel weights

  • Postage does not include customs taxes or import duties on entry into your country.

  • Any additional taxes are payable by you the purchaser when the parcel arrives at your Customs and Excise Authorities. They will contact you before releasing your parcel so you can settle up with them for any additional taxes due.

  • Parcels will be sent via Royal Mail, "tracked and signed for" and take approximately 7 - 10 working days until delivery (but may be held up in customs depending on how fast your country processes incoming parcels from the UK).

  • I will complete customs forms for all parcels sent for "goods purchased" and to the total value of the contents of the parcel.

  • As standard, the postage includes an additional £2.50 which covers contents insurance for up to £250 per parcel

  • Please note I will only send parcels up to 2kg in total weight to EU countries.

  • When paying me using credit cards or the PayPal option, please would you pay me in English Pounds (£) . Thank you.

Posting abroad is a new venture for me, so please feel free to discuss any queries you may have before placing an order. I have not added postage to the USA yet as this is a more complicated tax scenario and I need to look into this further before doing so. Please contact me if your country does not appear on the shipping list and I will look into it.

Thank you Eleanor

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