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Show us your bowls! (an invitation to "show and tell")

Updated: Jun 8

Over the past three months it has been my pleasure to post pure copper bowls to as far away as Australia and to umpteen inquisitively creative enamellers keen to explore enamelling on 3D shapes. Having a larger "canvas" to decorate appeals to the artist and painter in all of us. Now I am really interested to see what you are doing to your bowls!

If you have purchased my copper bowls (thank you!) please feel free to send me photos of your enamelled bowls. I would love to feature them on the copperbowls_co_uk Instagram account (and "tag you in" and we can collaborate!) or to add them to the website gallery here. Feel free to share details of the enamels you used if you would like to as well.

Let's all encourage and spur each other on with our new ideas and decorative techniques as we discover the enamels we love using the most on copper. We all have much to learn and share and I am creating a forum here for this to happen.

For starters, here are a couple of bowls by Deba Macdonald and Laura Haszard, two talented enamellers on different sides of the world from each other, both producing beautiful results!

Enamelled ammonite bowl: Deba McDonald UK (bowl no: 5 in the Pat Johnson Range)

S'Grafitto enamelled bowl: Laura Haszard Australia (bowl no: 20 in the Pat Johnson Range)

I am really excited to hear back from you, and to see more of your creativity flourishing on my pure copper bowls. Let's get this colourful bowl show on the road!

Thank you for your custom, can't wait to post up more of your work soon!


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